Zhenjiang Huasheng Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd is located shore of within the boundaries of the Yangtze River Zhenjiang economic development zone - Zhenjiang newly developed area, is produces high, the low pressure power transformer equipment and the electric power security product specialized factory. The main product has 35KV and following electric current, the voltage transformer, the insulation, the isolator, the earthing switch, the 3-500KV high pressure charged demonstration block system, the JSXGN-12 mechanical block system, JSN (W) the series "five guards against" the procedure
lock, electrically controlled lock, electromagnetism pin connection grounding and so on. The product broadly sells the national switch company (factory) and the electric power department.
    This company has the domestic advanced labor frequency testing transformer, the shelf depreciation instrumentation, the tripled frequency electrical power unit, the mutual inductor verification system and so on the complete check-out facility. The equipment
advanced entire vacuum pours production equipment and so on the production line and automatic winding machine. The corporate management standard, the technical force is abundant, the product design uses CAD to complete, the staff troop youth oriented, the
specialization, produce the quality product for the enterprise, has provided the reliable guarantee.
    About the company believes in "humanist, by honestly entertains a guest, take the science and technology as the forerunner, by adapts the market demand seeks the development" the management idea, positive is enterprising, weeds through the old to bring forth the new unceasingly, provides the high quality product and satisfaction service to the user. This company is willing with the general new old customers hand in hand to cooperate, altogether creates the magnificent prospect!
Zhenjiang Huasheng
Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd